Welcome to Lilbreck. A site all about... ME!

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This site will be primarely to keep track of my sites, fanlistings I'm a member of, and anything else that happens to take my fancy. Who knows, I might even add in a blog-type feature to keep people up-to-date on the major things in my life, such as what's going on with my family and such.

I'm working on geting all my sites up-to-date, as well as putting together a few sites for people. If you have any questions about my sites, feel free to contact me at lilbreck@gmail.com.


Tuesday, 28.10.08 - Again, just some changes to the front page. I'll be working on more soon.

Tuesday, 08.07.08 - Just some changes to the front page here. I'll probably be adding more later on.

Sunday, 06.04.08 - Did a little updating in my sites section, as well as adding my current desktop to the front page.

Saturday, 22.03.08 - Fixed some issues with some of the pages. Now you'll actually get to see the whole page!

Wednesday, 16.01.08 - I've added some content to the favorites page. Though, it's definitely not complete. I'll eventually get most of the stuff I want put up.

Monday, 01.07.08 - And we're live, even though not all my content is up.