Eclectic @ InsaneJournal
This is a journal for my graphics and writing. Currently, no new content is going there, as I'm trying to get all my old content there.
Lilbreck @ InsaneJournal
This is shaping up to be my main journal. Though, I sometimes forget to post there, I am getting my rec lists up-to date.
Nameless Layout @ InsaneJournal
This is an asylum on IJ for layouts. Membership is open, but posting is moderated.
Lilbreck @ JournalFen
This is my bitching journal. I don't lock it, so if you go there and read something that you think is about you, you were warned. I don't hold back, it's there for bitching.
Eclectic Tongue @ LiveJournal
This is the place on LJ for my writing. Fanfiction is locked, but original work and writing prompts are unlocked.
Indulging Breck @ LiveJournal
This is the place on LJ for my graphics. This is actually up-to-date, so new content does get put on there.
Lilbreck @ LiveJournal
This is my personal journal. Not sure how much longer it's going to be, and it will be eventually be replaced by my insanejournal lilbreck account.
Nameless Layout @ Livejournal
This is the community for layouts on LJ. The community is locked, and posts are moderated.

Hosting Sites I Run

Across a Pond
Hosting site for personal sites, such as a place for your fanlistings, a personal blog, a place to let people know where all you are on the web, whatever you need it for.

Fengurl Dreams
Yes, it's purposely misspelled. This is a site primarily set up to host to personal sites, fiction archives or whatever else people can think to make a site for. Any fandom, as well as non-fandom, will be welcome.

Quill to Parchment
A hosting site for anything Harry Potter related.

Smallville to Metropolis
This is a hosting site for anything to do with DC comics.

Other Sites I Run/Maintain

Age of Knowledge
Opened: 06/17/2007
Description: A mostly defunct fanfiction archive for stories involving Hermione Granger and people from at least a generation before her.
Eclectic Tongue
Opened: 08/02/2005
Description: My personal writing archive. This is up-to-date.

Opened: 06/20/04
Description: My personal graphics archive. This is up-to-date.

Nameless Layout
Opened: 11/09/2007
Description: My personal site for non-fandom layouts I'm doing. Still a work in progress.

Now Showing
Opened: 02/20/08
Description: A forum to discuss movies, tv, books, music, and all things to do with these subjects.
Quill to Parchment Awards
Opened: 05/01/2007
Description: Award site for Harry Potter fanfic. We welcome any pairing, character, and rating.
Opened: 09/29/2005
Description: Site to offer up my screencaps. Pretty bare as of yet, but that will change.

Truth and Justice
Opened: 12/18/2007
Description: Fanfic archive for Chloe paired with any and all Justice League memebers. This includes any incarnation of league.
Two of Us
Opened: 6/13/2007
Description: Fanfic archive for Chloe Sullivan [in any incarnation] paired with Clark Kent [in any incarnation].
Two of Us Chlark Forum
Opened: 3/27/2008
Description: A forum for fans of the pairing of Chloe Sullivan and Clark Kent to gather and discuss all things Smallville.