What they're saying about me:

After you, my dear AlphonseA few years ago, I was just plugging along, writing stories and living from day to day, when I received an email that altered the course of my entire life. A young woman with the adorable moniker of Lilbreck asked me if I would like art to go along with my Spillow story, The Dollhouse. Being of a mind to join the ranks of big-time writers with lovely pictures illustrating their tales, I said yes to the art, and in the process said yes to changing my whole life for the better. 

What began as a simple artist/writer interaction turned into a profound and exhilarating friendship with a woman who had so much more to offer than her inexplicable fondness for my stories. Lilbreck, as I soon discovered, is a brilliant artist, splendid writer, stellar beta, delightful bad!fic connoisseur, staunch foe of pretension, and dedicated apostle of evil who will stop at nothing to wreak havoc wherever she may go. She’s also one of the most caring, most patient, and most long-suffering friends anyone could ever have. In short, she’s an extraordinary woman and I am so fortunate to know her. So are the rest of you, and don’t ever forget it!

~Gabrielle (aka: velvetwhip)